Why Simple Tickets?

Simple Tickets was developed to make managing issues easier. Other ticketing bots can be confusing with their permission system and channel structure. Simple Tickets aims to cut down that confusion by creating a easy and effecient permissions system all found on the dashboard.

Managing tickets is another complaint found in other ticketing bots but Simple Tickets kept that in mind and created a dashboard to handle ticket managment. No longer are staff members restrained to a Discord channel. Simply invite the bot and login to the dashboard to get started.

After inviting the bot, enter -info to learn more.

Simple Tickets is developed and maintained by one person. Expect some bugs 🐛, no spiders though. If you encounter a bug, feel free to provide some insight in the #bug-report channel.

If a person isn't receiving responses in their DM it's probably because they have their DM's closed. The bot cannot send the response to the ticket creator if their DM's are closed. One way to have them check is using the -help command.