Discord Ticketsmade easy

Stop trying to manage tickets through channels, use a web interface. Simple Tickets provides a simple and easy way to view, respond, and close tickets.


Simple Tickets was developed with simplicity in mind, allowing anyone to use the bot without any setup.

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Managing tickets has never been faster with a full web interface to do so, developed with cutting edge web technologies to increase speed.

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Everything Simple Tickets has to offer is completely free to use by anyone. Simply invite the bot and get started today.

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Awesome features

Simple Tickets comes with features that allow it to stay ahead of it's competitors.

  • Fast & easy web interface
  • Simple bot commands
  • Painless permission system

Easy Permissions

Simply add a user to your server.

Why Simple Tickets?

Trying to track down user's issues and requests can be a difficult task, with Simple Tickets we aim to eliminate the level of difficulty by provding an easy way to manage those issues.

The main reason for developing Simple Tickets was the exact reason as above. Trying to respond to a flood of issues through discord or game chat is near impossible. Tickets solve a lot of the problems I had, but being limited to a channel for viewing, responding, and closing tickets was a pain. The whole purpose of Simple Tickets is to make ticket managment easy.

Modern Interface

Use an advanced website built on cutting edge web technologies.

Awesome Support

Have any questions or need help? Send an email or join the official Discord server.

Always Updating

New features are awesome and there wil be plenty of those in the future. If you have any features you would like added please contact me.

The amazing Team

Meet the people behind the creation of Simple Tickets

Zippy // Isaac Developer

Get Started

Setting up Simple Tickets couldn't be easier.

Invite the bot

Use the button above to invite the bot to your server.


Login to the dashboard with the button at the top of the page or click here


Users can now create a ticket with 'ticket' in Discord. The tickets will then be available on your dashboard.

Visit your profile in the dashboard to add staff who can manage tickets in your server.

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